FAQ on Coconut Oil

1. What is the Shelf Life of VIRGIN Coconut Oil?
Our samples of VIRGIN coconut oil have not shown any signs of rancidity even after 3 years.

2. Is Coconut Oil a Seed Oil?
No. Coconut oil is classified as a vegetable oil, even if the coconut fruit that matures is actually the seed from which the new coconut tree will grow from.

3. What is the difference between VIRGIN & COPRA?
If you buy regular coconut oil, chances are it came from dried copra. This usually sits in a warehouse and gets oiled after a few months. This is bleached and deodorized. This is why there is no coconut aroma. High heat is also used which is why this type of oil is yellowish in color.

VIRGIN coconut oil is cold-pressed immediately upon opening of the coconut. The oil is extracted before the fermentation process sets in. It is normally bottled or packed within 8 hours from the time the nut is opened. This is not bleached nor deodorized, maintaining the freshness and the sweet coconut scent It will also be clear as water in liquid form because no high heat was used in it�s processing.

Some people still use the old fermentation process, which is expelling the coconut milk then letting the coconut milk sit for 20 to 36 hours to allow the natural fermentation process to separate the oil. This process turns the oil sour and has a short shelf life due to the high moisture content. This home made oil is alright for home use, if the oil will be used immediately. The shelf life of this type of oil is two weeks to a maximum of two months. This type of oil turns rancid in a short period of time because of the high moisture content.

4. What are the attributes of Coconut Oil?
Coconut oil is one of the most stable oils and is highly resistant to rancidity (It is the unsaturated fats in the common seed oils that are easily oxidized and susceptible to rancidity). It is stable because of its high proportion of saturated fats. Coconut oil is mild on the skin and is widely used in the tropics. Film-forming qualities allow it to act as a skin moisturizer and a protectant against moisture loss. Its natural detergency and lathering capabilities give a double purpose as a cleansing agent for soaps and shampoos.


How long will the delivery take? 

Delivery will normally take 7 �10 days.

Shipping Policy

Except when indicated otherwise, all products being offered and sold online are delivered within 10 days.

Shipping Rates will be as follows:

   1. $ 6.00 for the initial pound
2. $ 2.00 for each succeeding pound.

Rush Orders

We do not provide overnight or next day deliveries. All ordered items will be delivered within ten (10) days from the date of order, credit card approval and address verification.

Natures Blessing Inc. accepts online orders for delivery to the US and Canada only. To place an international order, kindly email sales@naturesblessings.com.ph

Delivery is normally to the card holders� billing address. Delivery instructions to a separate address will require e mail instructions from the card holder.

Will I get a breakdown of the charges billed to my credit card? 

After placing your orders online, you will receive an electronic receipt with an itemized summary of your purchase, together with the corresponding delivery charges inclusive of sales tax. Customers are advised to print this document for future reference purposes. Moreover, customers will receive a confirmation receipt of your order via e-mail reflecting the same itemized breakdown.

What currency will be used for online purchase?

To simplify online transaction process, all products will be quoted, billed, and charged in U.S. dollars. The confirmation e-mail that Natures Blessing Inc. will send to customers shall reflect the actual cost of purchases made online.


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