How to use Coconut Oil

  • As cooking oil, it is ideal for use, having a high resistance to heat, and the ability to remain whole without losing its chemical composition despite exposure to high temperatures.
  • As salad oil, its essential ingredients give it an exotic taste. Create you own salad oil by adding vinegar and other spices.
  • A hair conditioner, it embellishes the hair, leaving it soft and silky. (In certain countries, the pulp is used as a balm to stimulate hair growth; a small amount of virgin coconut oil massaged into the scalp at night conditions both the hair and scalp).
  • As a massage oil and body lotion, it leaves skin soft and smooth, relieving dry skin itchiness and other skin diseases, making the skin supple. (It is used to make Mono� for example, an ancient Tahitian word meaning "scented oil" in the reo-maohi language, made from Tiare Gardenia blossoms and coconut extract from the Cocos Nuncifera variety. It is more popularly known now as a natural skin care product used by the island dwellers of French Polynesia. The elderly of the Philippines have used raw coconut oil as their before or after bath lotion for hundreds of years.)

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